Sunday, February 4, 2018

Covenant Administration Update

As we are preparing to publish the Teachings and Commandments, an explanatory header was written for The Covenant, detailing how it is to be administered. Yesterday morning the explanation was expanded and we thought it important to share the expanded explanation as soon as possible:


This is the covenant ordinance offered by the Lord to all who will receive it. Received by Denver Snuffer, Jr., July 2017, and presented for the first time in Boise, Idaho, 3 September 2017, at a Covenant of Christ conference. 

NOTE: This covenant can be received at any time, in any place, by any person who has accepted the Doctrine of Christ. Either an authorized priesthood holder who has previously received The Covenant can administer it, or the recording of the Boise Covenant of Christ Conference can be used. The believer receiving The Covenant should have the words of the Prayer for Covenant and Answer to Prayer for Covenant read to them, following which they have read to them The Covenant, and then comply with the directions therein, answering "Yes" out loud at the appropriate moment.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Fixing errors in the new publications

As emails come in pointing out printing errors, we are all over them. We have already dealt with perhaps a dozen (almost all are missing spaces between words). We then give an updated file to for them to update their text. We then upload a new file to CreateSpace so that the books sold on Amazon are fixed. We have just completed a round of these updates. The New Covenants was just now updated and it takes a couple days for that file to be ready on Amazon.

This means 2 things:
  1. If you haven't purchased The New Covenants yet, wait a couple days before you do that and your copy will not have the errors we've found so far.
  2. If you think you have found a printing error, CHECK FOR IT FIRST ON SCRIPTURES.INFO. If you don't find it there, it's already been found and fixed. You don't need to tell us about it.
Thanks for helping us improve the works.

Monday, January 8, 2018


The New Covenants, Vol. 2 of the scriptures that has recently been published, is now available on Not only are they searchable, the ability for audio playback is also built into the site, including your choice of 4 different voices for the playback.

We recommend you take some time and poke around to discover the features offered to date. We understand more capability is planned for the site, but will leave it to the developers to surprise us when they are ready.

Many thanks to all who are contributing in many ways to the distribution and use of the scriptures.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Financial Transparency

We are following a recommendation that we disclose the royalties to date from the sale of scriptures. Here is a link to a statement showing all royalty payments to date:


We also are revising the plan for the use of the royalties. Because the leather-bound scriptures will not be using a print-on-demand service, ordering and shipping & handling will carry costs and require arrangements that will add costs to the volumes and that are beyond the committee's resources. We recommend that the royalty funds be used for handling the sale and distribution of the leather-bound sets when they become available.

Be aware that the cost of scriptures on Amazon are set at the lowest price Amazon will allow, as you can see below. The royalties are unavoidable:

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


We have been asked to share this about the upcoming conference in Phoenix in March. Here is the link to all of the information:

Monday, December 25, 2017

Corrections to the new scriptures

We anticipate oopses, typos, and maybe an occasional LMAO in the new scriptures. We did our best to clean them, but we're human. We need your help in finding the problems before we produce the expensive, leather-bound versions.

Please send emails ONLY to DO NOT send notices using the contact form on

CRITICAL: Please include the word "correction" in the subject line of your email as that will route the email directly to the folder for that purpose and save us valuable time.

This effort will continue for at least 6 months from the publishing of TEACHINGS AND COMMANDMENTS so that many will have a chance to read all of the scriptures and report flaws.

We appreciate the help you all can offer. Once we are ready to print the expensive versions, the Amazon versions, PDFs, apps, and ebooks will also be updated.


THE NEW COVENANTS (The New Testament and Book of Mormon) is now available for purchase on Amazon! The other volumes will hopefully be completed by the conference in March in Phoenix. THE OLD COVENANTS (Vol. 1) will be done first, shortly followed by TEACHINGS AND COMMANDMENTS (Vol. 3). In the meantime, the Preview editions of those volumes will remain available on Amazon.

You can also download the PDF now from the SCRIPTURES box on the right.

We expect that the updated version of THE NEW COVENANTS (Vol. 2) will be available on within the next week.

The iPhone app for the scriptures is already available with older versions of the scriptures, but will have THE NEW COVENANTS about a week after it appears on

The Android app needs to be developed. We need anyone interested/skilled in developing such an app to contact us ASAP so we can get that effort coordinated. There are lots of us waiting and anxious for it.