Friday, April 20, 2018


KINDLE appears to dislike SMALL CAPS. We’ve just discovered that Amazon’s software changes all small caps to lowercase. We now face the daunting task of changing each instance manually (400+) to regular caps so that they show up properly. This is important because most of the instances are in the OC and have LORD being changed to lord. Kindle is the only format affected by this. Once this is accomplished, we will make the Kindle versions available again and ask Kindle Direct Publishing to reissue the update to everyone who has purchased the Kindle versions of the scriptures. Cross your fingers they agree this is a serious enough problem that it needs such a step.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


The T&C has now been sent to for posting. We understand it could take about 1-2 weeks to complete the coding for it to appear on the site. Volumes 1 (The Old Covenants) and 2 (The New Covenants) have been updated on Amazon with all of the fixes noted. They will be updated everywhere within the next week or so.

The text for the T&C on has been updated to include all of the corrections and issues raised to date (see the TYPOS AND ISSUES doc on The Kindle version of the volume is also now available. And several ebook formats (ePub, mobi, Lit, RTF - let us know if others are needed), as well as a PDF, will also be available for free on

The Glossary is now downloadable as a stand-alone piece in several sizes. It's available on the scripture project blog and will also be posted on shortly.

The work on the scriptures is essentially complete, but there are still a few housekeeping things to wrap up. Here's what we anticipate now will finish the project:
  • Mike Hamill will oversee getting the completed work into ebook form.
  • Chris Hamill will continue to deal with the print-on-demand details as they arise, including reported corrections.
  • Kevin (our formatter) & Chris (and any others with experience with the printing industry - let us know if that's you) will be involved in spearheading getting the completed work into the higher-quality printed version. Volunteers have been crucial and will continue to be needed for that effort.
  • The high-quality version will require some pre-sales and/or contributions to help with the first printing.  As that time approaches there will be a request for pre-orders, etc. and those who want to assist with that effort can volunteer.
Once the high-quality version is published, no changes or corrections to the scriptures will be made without the Lord's direction. With the exception of the tasks listed above, there is no need for a scripture committee to remain in place. Therefore we are disbanding. If the need for some other scripture effort arises, a group can once again be gathered to accomplish it.

Other Projects
The other projects associated with this one are and the scripture apps. The following has been shared by the developers:

iPhone App
The next release will include all of the final scripture content, along with a few navigational changes necessary for the new structure of Teachings and Commandments. The app will also save your reading position in each chapter. A subsequent release later this year will add full-text search capability. 

Android App
The first version of the Android app will have the following features:
  • Ability to navigate to and read from the final text of all three volumes.
  • Ability to swipe to the next/previous chapter
  • Ability to set basic user preferences (font, font size, margins, line spacing, choosing between a light, dark, or sepia color scheme) that will persist on that device
  • When choosing chapters, ability to either view chapter intros (with the first 20 or so words of the chapter) or view as a grid of chapter numbers to choose from
  • The app should work correctly in both orientations (landscape and portrait)
  • The app should work well for both phones and tablets
  • Stretch goal: Keyword searching with similar functionality as on
  • Later versions may include additional features such as adding tags or notes, bookmarking, highlighting, etc., as time permits.

In Closing
The members of the scripture committee and all the volunteers who have help make this possible are grateful for the opportunity, happy that it's ending, and are looking forward to what may lie ahead of us.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


People have asked for a copy of the Glossary as a stand-alone item. Kevin has created 4 sizes of PDFs that can be downloaded and printed, including one that can be easily made into a booklet. (That one is in "Printer's Format", meaning the arrangement and numbering allow for simple duplex (front and back) printing and then stacking and folding the pages in half.

See the PFDs and INFO box to the right.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Looks like we're going to hell...

All of our good intentions are failing us and have put us on that road. We had hoped to have the T&C put up on by now. But when we tried to publish the RE scriptures on Kindle, it made a mess of the formatting. So we turned to an ebook format (.mobi) to solve the problem. But that only pointed out some structural problems we hadn't noticed before, so we've been working to fix them. That has taken a lot more time than anticipated. And we don't want to put something out that will then need another major fix down the road.

Our plan at this point is to make the T&C available on Kindle, in ebook format (.mobi to start), and on all at the same time, since they all have to sync, as well as updating the text in the printed books. That could be a couple more weeks. We will then do the same for the other two volumes (on that would involve updating the text to include all of the fixes to date).

By the way, thank you to everyone for submitting questionable text and typos. We are keeping the TYPOS AND ISSUES doc current so tat you can update your own texts.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


The newest versions of the scriptures PDFs - they include all the fixes received and reviewed up until the Phoenix Conference - are now available using the available download links in the SCRIPTURES box to the right.

From now on the PDFs will be dates to you can know how recent your version is.


Delivered by Chris Hamill

Someone brought up the question this morning, "Who are the scriptures committee?" I've not wanted to share this, but I want to now tell you an experience that happened last year at the conference in St. George that will tell you about the scripture committee:
I was waiting to announce the scripture project. As I sat in the hall next to the auditorium, I asked the Lord, "Why me? Why am I announcing this? I'm nobody important. Why am I doing this?" He responded, "Because you're nobody important."
That's how we on the committee view ourselves. We don't consider ourselves in any way important.

Fixing the scriptures was carefully limited. Once the Lord gave the Answer to Prayer for Covenant, wherein He said to just do what we had currently planned, we determined not to go further. Also, we need to keep in mind that the Bible was a mess to begin with and we could only take it from very broken to less broken. At some point in the future the Lord intends to replace our current Old Testament and maintaining the significant differences between the brokenness of the current Bible and what we may receive in the future seems the most prudent. We've done the best we could with our time and manpower constraints. We had to get something out without taking 5 years to do so. There are still fixes to be completed and we apologize that the list isn't short.

JS struck through a lot of words in the JST, but did not get back to replacing most of them (or he did and we have no record of it), so Vol. 1-2 are simply our best effort to make the remaining text work. Some of it may seem awkward, but we’ll just have to live with it until something changes. Also, we had to leave some strike-throughs in place or some of the changed sentences wouldn’t make sense. Though we understand the words that were not removed were noted as incorrect by Joseph Smith, we chose to leave those words rather than to freelance.

Reminder: we were NOT given permission to update the archaic language in the Book of Mormon.

There is a Google doc called TYPOS AND ISSUES that tracks all of the fixes that people find and submit; it does it in real time. There is a link to it on the scriptures project blog in the SCRIPTURES box on the right. If you find what you think is an error in one of the volumes PLEASE check that document first to see if the problem has already been reported before emailing us. We update the document, then we update the text, and periodically we update the files, both on Amazon and We have already made many of the fixes, and the books sold on Amazon today have those fixes incorporated. The second benefit of the tracking document is that you can make the fixes in your own copies right away.

Notifying us of any errors in the scriptures, including the scriptures found on, needs to happen by sending an email to That's because gets copies of the text that we correct. They use the same text we publish and update. They don't simply change their coding. This keeps the printed volumes and the website in sync.

Regarding changing any punctuation, we will only change punctuation if you can clearly demonstrate that the existing punctuation harms the meaning of the text or is a glaring grammatical problem. If you just don't like a comma there, that's probably a personal preference and you can use whiteout to kill it. If you want a comma added, you have a pen. But we have had a few instances, for example, where removing a comma improved the text noticeably and we implemented the change. I'm just saying that we are only changing what has to change.

Also, some issues get raised due to the funky language that is found in the volumes, particularly in the Book of Mormon. I’ve typically been the one researching those and if the funkiness is there because of Joseph and not an error on our part, we leave it alone, but add an explanation to the TYPOS AND ISSUES document so you can understand why it’s there and not report it again.

We will use a minimum of six months to find and implement all the fixes that this body can find and report so that the fancier, leather-bound edition of scriptures - in fact every published version - will be as good as it gets. And our hope is to get a fancy set produced by the end of the year.

Cover art - make of it what you will. The artist offers no explanations.

Glossary - not written by the committee. It was compiled using all of Denver’s written materials and then edited and added to by him during his review. If you want another term added to the glossary, be sure to follow the same guidelines that were used in compiling the original - the explanation must be composed of material from Denver Snuffer, Joseph Smith and the scriptures, and will be reviewed and edited by Denver.

Literary devices were used in the T&C - Wisdom, Eternal, etc. This was intentional. It was discussed with Denver and others prior to being implemented.

Revelations printed in JSH - if different from Sections, they are noted as [See Section X].

The reference "LE", meaning LDS Edition, can go away. [The error in this statement is that it may be needed when comparing other versions of the Book of Mormon to ours, for example.]

Online Research Versions will likely be the next project, followed by the publication of the committee’s emails. - almost all of the scriptures have been updated. As stated earlier, if you find an error in the text on, you need send an email to This site will become a great resource. I've already been contacted about adding things to the site, but it's not up to me or this committee what will be added or the guidelines for changes and additions. That is up to those who are designing and building the site. They set the guidelines. If you have ideas or suggestions or submissions, visit the CONTACT form.

Apps - The Android app is under active development. The iOS app is no longer available in the App Store in order to update the files. The problem is that the apps are dependent on the files handed to them by, which is dependent on the files we send them. Please be patient. Both apps will be called "RE Scriptures".

The T&C will hopefully be ready and available on by next weekend.

In closing, I'd like to note that it is very easy to second guess everything we've done with the scriptures. Given the thousands of emails, the literally years of combined man-hours, the dozens of conference calls and meetings, and the active participation of Denver whenever an issue or suggestion came up, you can know that all of our decisions were deliberate and intended to offer ALL of us the very best WORD possible, given our amateur limitations. We didn't know what we were getting into, what would be required, how it would evolve with new scripture, new resources and a new covenant, but it has been a treat to serve. Our committee thanks all of you for your help, your support, your patience and your prayers.


Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Scriptures on Kindle

The attempt to publish the scriptures on Kindle resulted in poor ebooks. We have unpublished the Kindle versions for now and are working to provide ebook files for free and that will also work better as the source text for Kindle ebooks. Thanks ahead of time for our patience.