Saturday, May 12, 2018

Let's get it right

Now that we have a working set of scriptures, the final goal is to have the reasonably best set we can have by cleaning up the problems we run across. Some of them have been created by software, some by human error, some intentionally by well-meaning volunteers who decided to make their own changes. We're just now seeing these as people submit what they consider problems with the text.

We will take as long as is necessary to make the reasonable updates in preparation for the fancy set of scriptures, at which point we expect updating will end (except for new material). The timeframe rests with all of us: as fixes keep coming in, we have to expect that there may be more. But you need to reference the TYPOS AND ISSUES doc to see if they have already been submitted. Once we have  a few months where few, if any, fixes are submitted, we will feel confident that we've made it to a publication point.

"Reasonable" was intentionally stated because some submitted fixes are very subjective and hard to justify. So please give solid evidence that a fix really does need to be made - do the research first. Links have been provided to all the material we've used.

Thank you to everyone that has helped and who are working through the scriptures. By the way, only one person had touched the Old Covenants to date...