Thursday, October 4, 2018


The Lord has given an answer with regards to the adoption of a statement of principles by this people. It can be found here. He has accepted our statement.

We have a living canon of scriptures. We therefore have a need to determine how our scriptures are to grow. A temporary solution is given below, but we need to formalize some sort of process. The next general conference will include the opportunity to have such discussions. Until then, the process given below will only function as a temporary solution.

It is easy to assume that a revelation from the Lord (see Part 3) would automatically be added to the T&C. However, no one, whether Chris Hamill, or the disbanded scriptures committee, or even Denver himself, has the authority to simply add it. That permission must come from the voice of the people. And there are two steps involved in the process: preparing it for the T&C, and formal adoption of the revelation as scripture.

The first step can be accomplished only after permission is given. The simplest and quickest means would be to poll this people online, as we have already done several times, including for the statement of principles. With the finalization of the text for the T&C likely being done by the end of this year, it would be useful to include this new revelation in the text. An online poll would allow for that.

The second step requires the formal adoption of the revelation as scripture. Such would be appropriate in the next general conference. An overwhelmingly positive response to the poll would indicate that the revelation will likely be adopted as scripture and therefore would be safe to include in the finalized T&C text.

By way of update, we hope to have both the New Testament and the T&C texts ready by the end of the year. That is a HOPE, not an expectation. We also have someone working on ebook versions of all of the scriptures that will be downloadable for free, though Kindle versions will also be made available. And a smaller print, stand-alone version of the Book of Mormon has been requested for sharing with others. That should be available by the end of the week on Amazon.