Sunday, March 31, 2019


We have been told that there are some who are surprised that there have been ongoing updates to the scriptures since their adoption in Boise during the Covenant Conference, including some additions. Additions are due to things the Lord has directed Denver to have us modify as we have been proofreading the scriptures over the past year. The changes are due to the ongoing discovery of archaic terms and grammar that had not been identified by the time the lists of archaic terms were provided during the Boise Conference, or items that were somehow missed as we worked with the original manuscripts, either by our own notice or by someone bringing it to our attention.

Periodically, as a significant portion of text has been completed, we've updated the scriptures available for purchase on Amazon and also, at times, on However, there are still significant portions that have not been updated. These will all be updated shortly. As work on the scriptures project is coming to a close, there will be significant updates to many of the texts. For that reason, sales of all volumes available on Amazon have been suspended until the final texts are uploaded. This will not be a long delay. At the same time, PDFs showing all changes made to the texts from May of  2018 to the present will be simultaneously made available on both this blog and on for anyone currently possessing copies. More information will be given at the upcoming conference in Colorado this April.

In the Answer to Prayer for Covenant, the Lord stated the following:

15 ...You may remove the brackets from your record, as I accept your clarifications, and you are permitted to proceed to the end with your plan to update language to select a current vocabulary, but take care not to change meaning — and if you cannot resolve the meaning, either petition me again or retain the former words.

45 And now I will accept what you have produced and you need not labor further to recover my words, but to complete your labors as you have agreed. You have inquired about the details, including punctuation, and what I say unto one I say unto all: I have given to you my doctrine, and have also revealed teachings, commandments, precepts, and principles to guide you, and it is not meet that I command you in all things — reason together and apply what I have given you, and it will be enough.

It is apparent from the above that the Lord intends to accept what we have produced, but that there was an expectation at the time of the revelation that there was still work to do. The original plan agreed to by the committee was to restore all possible text as closely to what Joseph Smith attempted during his lifetime, and that has been the ongoing work that has kept us busy for the past year.

Today, all those who have contributed to the production of the scriptures project met with Denver to account to each other and to him regarding our role(s) in the project and how faithfully we have adhered to what the Lord directed. We all affirmed with a clear conscience that we have done as He has directed, and have neither overstepped the limits placed upon us nor neglected anything we were directed to accomplish. That plan was in place at the time of the adoption of the scriptures in preparation for the Covenant, and today has been completed.

All that remains for us to do is to complete work on peripheral portions of the volumes and then to get the texts updated on and on Amazon. We also have to reformat the texts in preparation for publishing leather-bound scriptures.