Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Looks like we're going to hell...

All of our good intentions are failing us and have put us on that road. We had hoped to have the T&C put up on by now. But when we tried to publish the RE scriptures on Kindle, it made a mess of the formatting. So we turned to an ebook format (.mobi) to solve the problem. But that only pointed out some structural problems we hadn't noticed before, so we've been working to fix them. That has taken a lot more time than anticipated. And we don't want to put something out that will then need another major fix down the road.

Our plan at this point is to make the T&C available on Kindle, in ebook format (.mobi to start), and on all at the same time, since they all have to sync, as well as updating the text in the printed books. That could be a couple more weeks. We will then do the same for the other two volumes (on that would involve updating the text to include all of the fixes to date).

By the way, thank you to everyone for submitting questionable text and typos. We are keeping the TYPOS AND ISSUES doc current so tat you can update your own texts.