Sunday, April 15, 2018


The T&C has now been sent to for posting. We understand it could take about 1-2 weeks to complete the coding for it to appear on the site. Volumes 1 (The Old Covenants) and 2 (The New Covenants) have been updated on Amazon with all of the fixes noted. They will be updated everywhere within the next week or so.

The text for the T&C on has been updated to include all of the corrections and issues raised to date (see the TYPOS AND ISSUES doc on The Kindle version of the volume is also now available. And several ebook formats (ePub, mobi, Lit, RTF - let us know if others are needed), as well as a PDF, will also be available for free on

The Glossary is now downloadable as a stand-alone piece in several sizes. It's available on the scripture project blog and will also be posted on shortly.

The work on the scriptures is essentially complete, but there are still a few housekeeping things to wrap up. Here's what we anticipate now will finish the project:
  • Mike Hamill will oversee getting the completed work into ebook form.
  • Chris Hamill will continue to deal with the print-on-demand details as they arise, including reported corrections.
  • Kevin (our formatter) & Chris (and any others with experience with the printing industry - let us know if that's you) will be involved in spearheading getting the completed work into the higher-quality printed version. Volunteers have been crucial and will continue to be needed for that effort.
  • The high-quality version will require some pre-sales and/or contributions to help with the first printing.  As that time approaches there will be a request for pre-orders, etc. and those who want to assist with that effort can volunteer.
Once the high-quality version is published, no changes or corrections to the scriptures will be made without the Lord's direction. With the exception of the tasks listed above, there is no need for a scripture committee to remain in place. Therefore we are disbanding. If the need for some other scripture effort arises, a group can once again be gathered to accomplish it.

Other Projects
The other projects associated with this one are and the scripture apps. The following has been shared by the developers:

iPhone App
The next release will include all of the final scripture content, along with a few navigational changes necessary for the new structure of Teachings and Commandments. The app will also save your reading position in each chapter. A subsequent release later this year will add full-text search capability. 

Android App
The first version of the Android app will have the following features:
  • Ability to navigate to and read from the final text of all three volumes.
  • Ability to swipe to the next/previous chapter
  • Ability to set basic user preferences (font, font size, margins, line spacing, choosing between a light, dark, or sepia color scheme) that will persist on that device
  • When choosing chapters, ability to either view chapter intros (with the first 20 or so words of the chapter) or view as a grid of chapter numbers to choose from
  • The app should work correctly in both orientations (landscape and portrait)
  • The app should work well for both phones and tablets
  • Stretch goal: Keyword searching with similar functionality as on
  • Later versions may include additional features such as adding tags or notes, bookmarking, highlighting, etc., as time permits.

In Closing
The members of the scripture committee and all the volunteers who have help make this possible are grateful for the opportunity, happy that it's ending, and are looking forward to what may lie ahead of us.