Friday, November 30, 2018

Questions about buying scriptures - Are they current?

From an email today:

I have...questions, I am hoping you can help me find the answers to. I would like to buy the Old & New Covenants, as well as the T&C that are currently for sale on However, I would like to know if the needed corrections of errors that people have been sending in, are updated/corrected in these, if I buy them now? (*If not, do you happen to know when they will be? I really like these paper editions (GREAT for note taking), but want to make sure I the errors found, up to date, corrected in them.) Another question... Is there anywhere, or any possible place that can be made accessible, where we can see what corrections have been made/are needing to be made to the New Covenants? (The T&C & The Old Covenants too, if possible!!!) My thought is, if I know all of the errors & what the corrections are suppose to be, I can go through my paper copies I have/am purchasing & make the necessary correction with a pen. That would be so helpful IF the ones we can order today on are not updated.

The scriptures aren't finished yet. We have completed the Book of Mormon and don't plan any future changes. We are in the middle of the New Testament and hope to finish by around Christmas. That will mean that Vol.2 will be ready around New Year's. We will announce that. The T&C won't need as much time to complete and will be done sometime in Jan., hopefully. Then the OT will get a workover by late April (next Gen Conf) we hope.

As we reach major milestones we update the text on Amazon. For example, the 4 Gospels are done and we have updated Vol.2 with that portion.

The vast majority of changes are punctuation, though we keep finding archaic phrases and grammar that we have to tackle.

We kept a running list of typos on the scriptures blog, but it took so much time to keep updating it that it hurt the progress of the work and we stopped making note of those changes.
There may be a way to post our copies of the final run-throughs for each work, showing what was changed and why. We'll look into that.