Saturday, December 1, 2018

Tracking Changes

The person who has been developing the site, writing code and creating the needed architecture, emailed me a copy of the Book of Mormon text showing all the changes made from early May until today. We started our final work through about that time, so this will give many folks the chance to check their own copies against what is available today.

We will do the same thing for each of the other works as they are completed.

Thank God for technology.

The documents can be found in the right-hand column titled Final Tracking Docs, just after the PDFs of the current works.

NOTE: The Book of Mormon doc had a glitch. The corrected doc was updated Sat about 1:30pm

NOTE 2: If you think there's a typo or problem text with anything other than the Book of Mormon, please be patient as we have almost completed the review of the New Testament and the T&C, but haven't been able to update the text, either on Amazon or on You may likely be notifying us of something we have already corrected.