Friday, September 29, 2017


Why we didn't set up a blog before now... Anyway, welcome to this new platform for communicating about the efforts to publish, maintain and expand the Restoration Edition of the scriptures. New posts here will replace the updates we used to post on And all previous updates have been combined into a single post here.

Some continue to use the Contact form on to communicate with the committee. That becomes a pain for the webmaster because he has to forward those to Please use ONLY that gmail address to communicate with the committee.

We continue to get help in the form of people pointing out typos, etc. in the online scriptures. The scriptures currently on are early iterations and not the current versions. We will announce when all of the scriptures are updated. In the meantime, we will make PDFs of the most recent updates available for download on this site. Once the final versions are publishable, all versions will be available on and downloadable versions will likely be removed from this site. Between now and the publication of the scriptures, please only make note of typos found in the PDFs from this site (which we will make available in the next couple of days).