Friday, September 29, 2017


There are more than one effort in the works to accomplish what the Lord has required of us as a people, though only one of them has been allowed to have noticeable attention. We hope to change that, but must first make a few points:
  • As stated in one of our last updates, this committee can neither encourage nor deny any person or group from proposing or pursuing efforts to produce a statement of principles that meets the Lord's requirements and obtains mutual agreement so that it can be added to our scriptures.
  • Though was established with the objective of it becoming an online repository and research tool for the scriptures, it has also provided one G&S effort with a platform for attention. It was determined that the discussion about the G&S was not part of the original objective for the site and therefore the discussion should be taken up elsewhere.  Because hosting the discussion was cut short, and resulted in the exclusion of other proposals by that site, it has been assumed that the scripture committee favors the one effort over all others. That is not the case. We believe that every effort should be given an equal opportunity to be heard and considered. Therefore, this blog will act as such a platform. This frees to again focus exclusively on providing access to and research tools for studying the scriptures.
  • Our decision to offer a voice for other proposals is due in part to the Lord's direction in the Answer: " will is to have you love one another. As people you lack the ability to respectfully disagree among one another. You are as Paul and Peter whose disagreements resulted in jarring and sharp contentions. Nevertheless they both loved me and I loved them. You must do better." Offering others an equal opportunity to reach the greater assembly with their proposals, even when they include personal opinion, answers the requirement of the Lord that we learn to respectfully disagree. There is no single arena that offers the assembly this opportunity, only outlying Facebook groups and blogs that attract limited attention. Our blog will meet the need for a unified locale where we, as a people, can practice and learn to respectfully disagree.
  • We will publish guidelines for adding G&S proposals in an upcoming post.
  • Though Jeff Savage is involved in one of the G&S efforts, his participation in that effort is independent of the scripture committee.