Friday, September 29, 2017


We have updated nearly all the archaic language in the Bible and have many volunteers working on basic formatting, grammar correction and punctuation. It will still be several weeks before we get all the books far enough along that they can all be formatted in their respective volumes and then be sent out for final proofreading. We want to thank all those who are sacrificing their time and energy to help with this effort. If we keep up our current pace, we hope to have most or all of the proofreading done by Thanksgiving. If that happens, we can have sets available on Amazon for Christmas.

We also have initiated the production of audio books of the scriptures. Two individuals with background in audiobooks have begun preparations to produce them and will manage that effort. Because the text of the Book of Mormon is essentially done, they are starting there. It will take a long time to accomplish, so it was considered important to get the ball rolling now.