Saturday, December 9, 2017

An Unexpected Revision

While working through the Gospels one more time, the following unexpected exchange happened:

Chris Hamill: "And a voice came from heaven which said, You are my beloved Son; in you I am well pleased." [from Luke - at Christ's baptism]

Because we understand that the italicized part is incorrect and should read, ...this day have I begotten you., should that be changed/corrected? It is pretty significant. But I also want to respect our mandate.

Denver: Unfortunately, I think we leave it alone, even though we know it is NOT correct.

Chris: Ok, thanks.

Half an hour later...

Denver: OK, that was my answer. Here is what the Lord would want done with that: (either)
"Thou art my son, this day have I begotten thee" OR
"You are my Son, this day I have begotten you"

Neither of them is supportable by any surviving version of the New Testament text. But it is in fact what the original written record upon which the New Testament was based once read.