Monday, December 25, 2017


THE NEW COVENANTS (The New Testament and Book of Mormon) is now available for purchase on Amazon! The other volumes will hopefully be completed by the conference in March in Phoenix. THE OLD COVENANTS (Vol. 1) will be done first, shortly followed by TEACHINGS AND COMMANDMENTS (Vol. 3). In the meantime, the Preview editions of those volumes will remain available on Amazon.

You can also download the PDF now from the SCRIPTURES box on the right.

We expect that the updated version of THE NEW COVENANTS (Vol. 2) will be available on within the next week.

The iPhone app for the scriptures is already available with older versions of the scriptures, but will have THE NEW COVENANTS about a week after it appears on

The Android app needs to be developed. We need anyone interested/skilled in developing such an app to contact us ASAP so we can get that effort coordinated. There are lots of us waiting and anxious for it.