Monday, December 25, 2017

Corrections to the new scriptures

We anticipate oopses, typos, and maybe an occasional LMAO in the new scriptures. We did our best to clean them, but we're human. We need your help in finding the problems before we produce the expensive, leather-bound versions.

Please send emails ONLY to DO NOT send notices using the contact form on

CRITICAL: Please include the word "correction" in the subject line of your email as that will route the email directly to the folder for that purpose and save us valuable time.

This effort will continue for at least 6 months from the publishing of TEACHINGS AND COMMANDMENTS so that many will have a chance to read all of the scriptures and report flaws.

We appreciate the help you all can offer. Once we are ready to print the expensive versions, the Amazon versions, PDFs, apps, and ebooks will also be updated.