Monday, September 10, 2018

Important progress update

At the Gilbert, AZ conference in March, the scriptures committee stated that we thought the work on the scriptures was completed and that the next 6+ months would be used by everyone to read the scriptures with the intent of finding any typos or issues that needed to be addressed before preparing them for printing in a leather-bound, onionskin version. Many have emailed us issues that they’ve found and we thank everyone for the help. Several on the now disbanded committee have also proofed the Book of Mormon meticulously. We discovered a number of issues that we either had missed or hadn’t identified before. We also realized that by using many volunteers for the work, we created the problem of many styles and perspectives on grammar and punctuation. However, every issue has been addressed to the best of our ability. The finalized version of the Book of Mormon will shortly be uploaded to Amazon and will hopefully be included in Volume 2 by the end of the week. It is likewise being sent to and will be updated on that site prior to the conference in Layton at the end of September.

A similar review of the T&C and New Testament is underway. There is less involved with those works, so we hope those efforts will move more quickly. This will be followed by a review of the Old Covenants.

Many people have asked how soon we will be printing the leather-bound, onionskin scriptures. As soon as the New Testament is completed and Volume 2 is formatted for that set of scriptures, publishers who have been identified will be sent a proof of Volume 2 for bids to print sets of all 3 volumes. Because volumes 1 & 3 are larger/smaller than volume 2, a bid for 3 pieces that are the size of Volume 2 will get us a good ballpark cost. As soon as we have a couple of competitive bids we will announce it. That will also likely give us a timeframe for availability.

Once the leather-bound scriptures are well underway, we will make sure that all electronic versions are made available/u[dated, and that a very large print set is considered through Amazon.