Sunday, September 23, 2018

Updated Statement of Principles Announcement

This Updated Statement of Principles Announcement includes additional details of the online vote and some minor but important wording changes from last week’s announcement.

We remind you that a sustaining vote to adopt the Lots Statement of Principles at the Layton conference will be conducted after the final talk on Sunday, September 30th. An online vote is open to covenant holders during the 24 hours prior to the conference vote. Online voters will need to visit for the link to the vote, once the vote goes active on Saturday, September 29th at 11:00 a.m. (Mountain Daylight Time). Online voting will end on Sunday, September 30th at 11:00 a.m. (Mountain Daylight Time)

We ask that you vote online OR at the conference but not both. We are calling this a sustaining vote because it IS NOT A VOTE TO DETERMINE THE PREFERRED DOCUMENT. That was done at the conference in Phoenix. See below.

In Phoenix the Lots Document received the most votes as the conference attendee’s preferred Statement of Principles. (
In part two of the voting process in Phoenix, many of those who preferred another Statement of Principles set aside their preference and agreed to accept the majority’s choice. 90-95% of the conference agreed to accept the Lots document. The third and last part of the vote was cancelled in Phoenix, out of a desire to avoid contention and we respect the right of those that made that decision. 

The Layton conference is the first opportunity to complete the sustaining vote that was interrupted then. The time slot for the vote in Layton will immediately follow the last talk of the conference on Sunday, September 30th.

Prior to voting, it is important to understand what you are voting on. Please read this brief summary carefully.

The purpose of the vote in Layton is to determine whether covenant holders are willing to adopt the Lots Statement of Principles as a guide and standard to be printed in our scriptures. This is not an attempt to determine WHICH document to adopt; that voting was done in Phoenix, and the Lots document received 90-95% acceptance. 

A vote to adopt would include those who favor the Lots Statement of Principles AND those who have another preference but are willing to join with the majority’s choice in order to complete the Lord’s assignment. Voting to adopt does not mean you agree with the Statement of Principles in every particular or feel that the document or process is without flaw.

A vote against adoption is appropriate for those who cannot accept the Lots Statement of Principles or the vote by which it was chosen and do not wish to see it added to our scriptures. 

We ask your help in disseminating this announcement to any who may wish to participate. 

Gordon Platt 
And others