Sunday, September 16, 2018

Statement of Principles Announcement


Adoption and canonization of the Lots Statement of Principles.

The group that began a vote on a Statement of Principles six months ago at the Phoenix conference has been given 15 minutes by the upcoming Layton conference to conclude its business by conducting a sustaining vote for the adoption of the statement.


   In Phoenix the Lots Document received the most votes as the preferred Statement of Principles. ( 

   In part two of the voting process, many of those who preferred another Statement of Principles set aside their preference and agreed to not dispute the majority’s choice. This created a large majority of 90-95% who agreed to not dispute the choice of the Lots document.

   The third and last part of the vote was cancelled in Phoenix, out of a desire to avoid contention and we respect the right of those that made that decision.

   The Layton conference is the first opportunity to complete a sustaining vote that was interrupted then. The time slot for the vote in Layton will immediately follow the last talk of the conference on Sunday, September 30th.


The purpose of the vote will be to sustain the covenant body’s decision, made in Phoenix, and proceed to print the body’s chosen statement with the scriptures. This is not a vote on which document to adopt; that voting was done in Phoenix, and the Lots document received 90-95% majority. This vote is to complete the assignment with a sustaining vote prior to printing the scriptures.

After some brief remarks we will conduct the vote among covenant holders. This is not an opportunity for debate or consideration of other business outside the purpose of this vote.


First we will ask all those who choose to dispute the addition of the Lots Statement of Principles to the scriptures to silently stand and be recognized.

Next we will ask all those in favor of adoption of the Lots Statement of Principles to be added to the scriptures to silently stand and be recognized. This group includes those who choose to not dispute.

Three witnesses will be asked to oversee the proceedings and determine the outcome. If you are unable to attend the conference there will be an opportunity to vote online with details to follow next week.

We are, of course, hoping for unanimity; but if we reach an obvious majority in favor, it will indicate both that the Lots Statement of Principles is thereby adopted by this covenant people and that it is required to be added to the scriptures. We are assured that the requirement will be complied with.

We ask your help in informing any who might be interested in participating in this conference business.

Your servants and friends,

Gordon Platt
and others

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