Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Happy Holidays to All

Folks, we're getting closer to completing the project! Volume 2 has been completed and the PDF has been updated on this site. Amazon's text has been updated and scriptures.info will be updated as quickly as possible. Please note that we have a software issue that is causing a spacing problem in the new running headers numbering. We will be looking into tweaking it so that the fancy scriptures are consistent.

Volume 3, Teachings and Commandments, is well under way and we hope to have the JSH updated on scriptures.info soon so that we can ensure that the coding behind the site is working properly. It won't take us long after that to update the whole volume. But it will be a few weeks for us to edit and reference check the new Glossary. (The size of the Glossary has tripled, for those interested.) We thank Denver for his help with reviewing all of the material therein.

There are a few things we want to make you aware of concerning the T&C. We want the T&C to be as close to "raw" Joseph Smith as possible, but getting a perfect rendering is impossible, mainly because there are usually multiple manuscripts for any given section and it isn't possible to guarantee which manuscript is the most correct. Some of the text decision-making required hours of prayerful work and discussion by those assigned to review the work during the past year. We thank them for their contributions and we are committed to honoring their decisions whenever possible as we proof the text and discover any remaining errors. We have also determined that updating all of the archaic language in the T&C could have the unintended effect of washing away some of the flavor introduced by Joseph Smith. To counter that, we've determined to use those sections in the T&C that were not revelations but that were written by Joseph (1, 116, 117, 138, 139, 140, 146, 147), to indicate which archaic (to us) terms he used in his regular communications. Using his non-revelatory writings helps establish a more objective guide for archaic language updates. For example, in the Bible the term "tarry" has been updated to "stay, remain, wait", but Joseph appears to have used the term in his everyday speech, so "tarry" won't be updated in the T&C.

Once Volume 3 is completed in January, it will be updated on Amazon, scriptures.info, and this blog. We will also make sure to publish PDFs for each volume that show all of the updates and corrections made since May. And we will have an updated stand-alone PDF of the Glossary made available. Several folks have asked if we can publish a stand-alone Glossary on Amazon. We'll look into that.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!