Friday, December 7, 2018

Why the scriptures still aren't ready.

It's been noted that the scriptures project is taking a long time. We couldn't agree more. And we even assumed it would have been done long before now. But when we started our final proofing, we unexpectedly found discrepancies that had to be addressed. We're still at it, but getting closer to finishing.

As posted last week, the Book of Mormon has been completed, the New Testament is well on it's way to completion, the T&C had far fewer hands involved and shows to still be faithful to the manuscripts (meaning the proofing will move far more quickly), all of which will hopefully be done by the end of December. That leaves the OC to tackle. With the momentum and unity we've developed, we hope to complete that work by the next general conference in late April.

Know that we are striving to do only what is needed to make sure the texts faithfully honor Joseph Smith's work and are properly proofed before we all invest resources in printing up the high-quality scriptures. There is way too much that could be "fixed" in the scriptures, but we have neither the permission nor the time to do more than what we are doing.

Meanwhile, preparations are underway for the fancy set of scriptures. We already have a bid from a US printer and are awaiting a bid from the largest Bible printer in India. Arrangements for pre-ordering sets of scriptures is being researched. A poll will be taken soon to get a feel for the initial quantity of sets to order (it won't be binding - you won't be committing to an order, just giving us a realistic perspective on how many sets to consider ordering initially). The criteria for the fancy scriptures:
  • Leather-bound
  • Archive quality, 100% cotton biblestock (onion skin paper), approx. 900 pages per inch
  • Smythe-sewn binding with silk thread
  • Archive quality ink
  • guilded edges, rounded corners
  • 2 bookmark ribbons per volume
We anticipate a 3 volume set of scriptures to cost less than $100. The scriptures will not be sold by individual volume, only in complete sets.

We appreciate your patience - and especially the patience of our families. We want this done more than you do.