Sunday, April 28, 2019


Somewhere along the way an important item was missed. The Lord's explanation to us of what He meant by "mutual agreement" was added as a section to the T&C, but no record of a vote to do so can be found. Perhaps it was assumed that something from the Lord would undoubtedly be added. Not sure, but we need to formally rectify the problem, so an online vote to adopt His explanation as scripture and to add it to the T&C as Section 174 will be held next week. In the meantime, please spread the word that the vote will be coming. A post about it will be made here and on

There has also been a proposal to add to the same section some information Denver gave about it. Here is how the additional vote will be worded:

An expansion to 174 has been proposed. In his talk That We Might Become One (Jan 14, 2018) Denver explained:

"When the definition was given, it was accompanied by the realization the Lord could have disputed every day of His life with someone. He deliberately chose to not contend. He was not an argumentative personality."

The reasons for the addition/expansion were given as follows:
  1. It gives greater understanding of the Lord and the Lord’s personality not found anywhere else. 
  2. It assists people in understanding how to go about solving disagreements in the way the Lord did.  It's directly related to us and our current desire for Zion, and is focused on the Lord.
  3. It directly relates to the answer about mutual agreement, as Denver stated it “accompanied” the revelation. Therefore it seems like it should also accompany the answer as part of 174. It sheds light on the Lord’s ministry and choices.

It is proposed that Denver's remarks be added as a second paragraph to the proposed Section 174.